A downloadable game for Windows

Explore the centuries old Cantwell estate

Investigate the lives of its tortured inhabitants

And remember that for some... Death offers no release at all


Aperture 789 MB


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Muy buenos gráficos, buena historia buena mecanica y jugabilidad,

Me mentira Un poco con la manivela.

Hello there creator. I played your game and i make a video of it. So there were a little glitches in the game but it was pretty good made. Love the graphics and the church was so beautiful. Anyway here is my gameplay of your game.

It begins on 13:25

to be continued???? good game. I want to know what happens

I think my biggest issue was that the camera didn't really seem to offer any kind of protection from the spirit. The clicks already let you know where it is, so it would make more sense if the camera could freeze or disperse them momentarily to give you time to interact with other objects.

A nice little horror game. Waiting for the full release.

Enjoyed trying out this horror game!  Nice job

So is the "To Be Continued" screen a Game Over screen? Because I'm really not sure if I finished the game or not.

I had no idea what to do but there needs to be way more paranormal investigation games!


no doubt you have been inspired by amnesia games. i felt amnesia vibe all game. at the end i got a bit confused, but it was still very good game. congrats. are there any more games like this one in future?

here is my video btw


I've been spooked one too many times from this one. Well done!

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I cranked so hard and got so far but, in the end it didn't even maaaaAAAaaatteeer. 

Very Creepy and fun game. Exactly the style that I love. I can't wait to play more. I know there's already a bunch of videos but I made you one ^_^ 

Haven't made it too far but I wanted to note some issues I found.

The resolution is shown backwards on the settings screen

The book shelves in the starting room allow you to walk inside of them.

Some of the text items you pick up have spelling errors in them.

The player glitches out a lot when you try to run up stairs or near objects.

Other than these few things, I think this game is pretty well made and has good atmosphere.

wait so this has nothing to do with portal?

I love the style of this game,the atmosphere is really good, would love to see more 😄


This game was fun! I would play a full version.

As Usual Gameplay from Z9ZGAMES Channel!!
With All Thanks to the Creator of the Game!!

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Very interesting. The game crashes after operating the crank on the lower floor though. Also, there is a load game option, but the game doesn't appear to save at any point, and there doesn't appear to be an option to do so manually.

Very, VERY good though so far. Extremely creepy, and terrifying use of sound. The story is engaging as well. Can't wait to see more!